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Canadian Grass and Legume Seed Data: 2014 Inspected Acres 2014 saw certified acres of grass and legume seed, applied for inspection, rise again for the 3rd consecutive year, albeit marginally.  Certified seed acres increased by 2,500 acres (2.1%) compared to 2013 acres, but trends can definitely be seen in this certified seed sector.  Acres of certified turf grass species (fescue, ryegrass) continued to be pressured, while responses by farmers to higher legume (alfalfa, birds foot, clovers) seed prices, remained uncommitted.  That is, in the forage grass seed and legume seed sectors, growers have not responded as much as expected due to high prices being quoted the past few years.   
MFSA research plans are in place and plans are being made to conduct the following project MFSA research plans are in place and plans are being made to conduct the following project:

Plant Growth Regulators, Parlay in Grasses
Alfalfa Seed & Leafcutter Bee Production & Marketing Manual Now Available Though it can be intimidating for those just starting out, producing alfalfa seed is both challenging and rewarding.  This manual is intended to assist new grower and those with many years experience in the industry to get involved in alfalfa seed production and to find the distinct advantages of raising both the crop and the leafcutter bees that go with it.
Beneficial Insects in Alfalfa Fields Insect fauna of alfalfa fields contains mainly two major groups, i.e. beneficial insects and destructive insects or insect pests. The Later one contains insects that can cause damage to different parts of alfalfa plants in various stages of growth. Alfalfa has many insect pests, such as Lygus bugs, alfalfa plant bugs, pea aphid, alfalfa weevils and grasshoppers. The beneficial insects can be divided into true predators and parasitoids.

Manitoba Forage Seed

Forage Seed Check-off Approved

At the 1995 MFSA annual general meeting a proposal for the establishment of a forage seed
Check-off was presented and approved unanimously by its’ membership.  In 1996 a referendum was held on behalf of MFSA by the Manitoba Agriculture Producer Organization Certifying Agency.  Ballots were mailed out to all eligible forage seed producers.  Ballots were counted by the agency and MFSA received a positive vote to proceed.  Effective July 1, 1996 the forage seed check-off program was officially launched.  Check-off levels were and remain today at ¾ of 1% on all forage seed sales to a maximum of $500/year per operator. Any excess are refunded automatically by MFSA.  Any producer wishing a complete refund must make a request in writing to MFSA within 30 days of the end of each period.


Notice of Resolution

Notice of Resolution
MOTION:             Kevin Blight/Danny Johnson
WHEREAS the objective of the Manitoba Forage Seed Assoc is the advancement of the Manitoba Forage Seed Industry in all aspects; and,
WHEREAS The MFSA has been successful at researching solutions to production restraints in the forage seed industry and delivering that information to forage seed producers; and,
WHEREAS the objective of future work would be to undertake practical industry driven projects to address production and development issues facing the forage seed industry; and,
WHEREAS funding programs such as Manitoba Rural Adaptation Program are no longer available due to budget cuts; and,
WHEREAS costs of conducting valuable research and other services is increasing while the rate of check-off has not increased since its’ inception in 1996,
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the rate of check-off on all forage legume and grass seed crops produced and sold in Manitoba is increased to 1% on all seed sales to a maximum of $750.00.  These funds are to be used for programs and projects directed by producers to benefit the Manitoba Forage Seed Industry.
-Carried unanimously by the MFSA Board of Directors,  October 28, 2015


2016 Forage Seed Conference and AGM

Victoria Inn, Winnipeg
January 10 & 11, 2016

The Manitoba Forage Seed Association invites you to their Annual Forage Seed Conference and AGM.  A range of topics will be covered dealing with various aspects of growing and managing forage and turf seed crops. This year’s conference is featuring:

·         Tank Mixing to Delay Weed Resistance
·         Enhancing Seed Yield with Plant Growth Regulators
·         Oregon Grass Seed Bargaining Association
·         Alfalfa Fungicide Screening Study
·         MFSA Research, Kevin Gulay
·         New Trends in Farm Equipment

A full agenda and registration information is available HERE or contact MFSA @ 204-376-3309.  Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 11 at 8:00 am, Breakfast Buffet



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